Kids Song


KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK Cementing the message with a song.

There are just two kinds of thoughts to think
The Loves and the Grouches
The Loves are always in the pink
The Grouches are full of ouches
A love says “I’ll try”
A Grouch says “Give up!”
A love loves to share
A grouch doesn’t care

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      1. Knock-knock-knock-with-lyrics.mp3


DVD includes the song sung by Happy Days kids
plus a piano back track of the song.
Words are also included in the kiddies book.

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The lyrics of the children’s song are designed to strengthen awareness of the basic positive and negative thought types – Loves and Grouches.

Knock Knock Knock is fun to learn and offers a platform for children to act out and become familiar with the two opposing thought types, positive and negative. They can do this using body language, tone and expression. Having fun and learning at the same time is powerful input and this will ingrain positivity in the child’s mindset.


  • A song to reinforce a message is powerful as children learn so well through songs.
  • Music has a positive effect on a child.
  • As EQ far more than IQ determines the happiness factor in a child, learning and singing a positive message, will plant the seeds for improved emotional growth.
  • Singing is a global fun exercise and children learn more and more easily when they are having fun.
  • Children are happy when they are dancing, clapping, and singing with someone they love and trust.


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