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Parental Role

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Winning Attitude


Well that’s what Churchill said…  and the statement is not true at all.  What’s not true is that attitude is termed a ‘little thing’….  when in fact attitude is huge… mammoth in the role it plays in our lives… attitude is everything. The one thing that makes all the difference, young and old alike, our attitude. So where do you get a really good one?

Attitude is not an accident… we are not born with an attitude. Attitude is a certain way of thinking, choice of thought types, which becomes a part of our mindset. And here’s the thing… our mindsets, those self chosen thought patterns,  impact the quality of our lives totally.   Bad attitude…lousy life… good attitude – get one and see for yourself.  Attitude is the ingredient that determines the amount of happiness we have or don’t have. And the good news… although we construct our mindsets when we’re children –  which is great for kids as they can get it right the first time – create that great attitude – those of us who developed negative mindsets can make a change,  it’s never too late.


  • communication hassles
  • on going frustrations
  • irritating circumstances
  • addictions
  • unhappy relationships
  • the feeling that life is unfair
  • wishing for something better

Here’s the awesome deal. If you are in control of your thoughts you are in control of your attitude. Your attitude generates the quality of your life … so in order to make the most of  the time allotted to you on your journey,  finding out how to grow and maintain a good attitude is key.  This is a skill you can learn…. a habit you can form. You have the tools – you can do it.


Take a look at the big picture. Is your life a realization of your hopes and dreams or are there areas you would like to change and improve? If you wish to change things, do you know who is responsible for whatever you have in your life right now? Did you know that man is electromagnetic… literally attracting circumstances and things into his life?

Do you know that with your in-built tools – part of your heritage as a human being, you can create new circumstances? Are you aware that your everyday thoughts are a form of energy,  potent, loaded with circumstance-changing power? Here’s the proof – untold examples of people world wide who have totally changed their lives, changed their circumstances by simply changing their thoughts. No one else can think for you. If you want to change some condition in your life, you must change your thought about it and here’s the thing… you need to keep it changed. You can do it. Start the change now!


Every thought has a very specific, clear cut consequence. Thought is the real causative force in life, and there is no other. Once you have a true awareness that everything you have in your life at the present moment is a result of thoughts you have chosen, the realization that you can change things becomes more of a reality.  Just knowing that you can orchestrate a better life, better circumstances, is the start to actually doing this. This new knowledge gives your power… hope. The desire to change grows as you start to  accept that there is no-one to blame for any failures or unhappiness and more importantly, that you can create the life of your choice… you can have an amazing journey.  Your new way of thinking becomes a habit.  Start now!


No plan for success will work if you wont. The most important of all factors in your life is the mental dieton which you live. Only one life – one opportunity – so obviously the sooner you take the controls and start to manufacture the life of your dreams, the better…for you! Can you do it?  HOW? It’s simply a thought by thought process. You need to

know which thoughts bring which results. The Winning Attitude DVD will guide you in your selections. Work at choosing the thought material that will bring you joy and fulfillment. The old thought might keep trying to return… the force of habit at work… be persistent and don’t give up.  Just takes time and the habit is formed. Eventually you will win.

Once you have started this new way of thought discipline – watch how every area of your life changes from stress and uphill to inner joy and happiness. This is a guarantee. What are you waiting for?

A helpful product is the 45 minute DVD  The Winning Attitude. This provides a powerful tool to introduce thought awareness to individuals or a group. It affords an opportunity for the viewer/s to consider/share and grow their mental outlook.  ‘It’s all in the mind’ is so true, but as this basic thought education was not included in our learning programs, we need to be properly enlightened in this area and understand the fundamental principles of our thoughts and emotions. We need to know how to take the reigns of our thoughts and be in control of what we think.