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Parental Role

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New tools to teach attitude skills

A cool new kids book plus DVD and toy ‘thoughts’ designed to teach the values of positive thinking and the benefits of emotional intelligence to young people. There is also a fun song to cement the positive message. The products are great tools to help parents and educators reinforce these vital concepts. Highly recommended by pre-school teachers, psychologists and parents, this little book is a ground-breaker.

As the predominant, pivotal area of our lives is invisible, a material representation of thoughts, the goodies and baddies, has been created. These soft toy ‘thoughts’ have been termed the Loves and the Grouches.

Discipline is essential

The toy thoughts assist in disciplining in a positive way. They provide educators and parents with a tool to teach kids that thoughts are real things, the instigators of our actions and that they have consequences. The toy thoughts can be used to redirect blame for misbehavior – the overall message being that it is the thought, the ‘Grouch’ that is ‘bad’ and not the child. This negative thought can be replaced by a positive thought and children can be guided in choosing the alternate positive thought.

They are shown that the thought choice is always up to them. They learn that negative thought choices, the Grouches, yield unhappy consequences for them. Discipline is established in a supportive and constructive way, without anger or damaging remarks directed at the child. This builds the child’s belief in himself, an essential premise in becoming a well adjusted, positive child.


  • Scientists are able to see and identify the patterns which will be functional for the rest of the child’s life.
  • Once a mindset is established, any new info received that does not line up with what is now their BELIEF SYSTEM is rejected by the child.
  • The major obstacle in the minds of people today is a NEGATIVE BELIEF SYSTEM which was compiled by influences from parents, teachers and peers and installed during childhood years.
  • Although ‘positive thinking’ was first hailed as a life changing thinking strategy in the preceding millennium, a first generation of positive thinkers has yet to emerge.

The kiddies book, Let’s take Peek at our Thoughts, provides an excellent product in assisting educators and parents to help their children understand and deal with thoughts and feeling. The DVD and the two soft toys – Love and Grouch – are an indispensable addition to the kiddies book package. The fun Activity Guide offers ideas and games which explore the world of our thoughts and help to build a beautiful life by learning to make positive thought choices.

Show me a child’s thoughts and I will show you his future – Psychology Journal

In a nutshell, the program teaches children that their thoughts are real ‘things’ which play a vital role in their lives. They learn about the two basic families of thought, positive and negative, the negatives building unhappy lives and the positives, happy lives. Most importantly, they learn that the thought-type choice, is theirs.

These products provide the tools to help children understand and work with their thoughts and feelings. They learn the skill of thought discipline and are given the tools to build a priceless asset, a positive mental attitude. Being emotionally strong and having a good attitude will enable them to cope with life’s challenges as every growth area is enhanced.

Forerunner and influential leader in thought science Dr Emmet Fox said,
“If a child could be taught only one thing, he should be taught that this is a mental world. I’d let all other things go and teach him that.”

Educational Consultant SA. Freda Williams
“This project will equip learners with this inner discipline, showing respect towards him/herself, others and things”

HAPPY DAYS Headmistress. Suzanne Martin
“This little book is a gem! A must for all parents and educators.”

Principal Adviser Foundation Phase SA. Marina Steyn
“How wonderful if all our children could have the privilege of being part of this initiative.”

Parent’s  Choice award winner  – Life management skills educator – Sue Lee  USA
You are leading the world with your amazing efforts to include EQ in schools and curriculum!!




***Important – Read the companion publication for parents and educators –

“Because we did not learn this at school”. Easy read – How to Win when Life is Unfair.




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