Child's Attitude

A child with a positive attitude is guaranteed a life of success and happiness. More »

Parental Role

Parents play the major role in a child’s thought choices and emotional growth! More »


The educator’s input on the absorbing mind is momentous. More »


The thinking you do creates the life you have. More »


Inspirational Talks

Talking to schools for parents and educators.

Parents often assume that the school their child is attending will cover all aspects of education.  To fill everyone in about their personal input in the emotionally developing child, schools can host a parent evening, coffee morning, Gran and Gramps day or any special event. Passionate for change in this area, Larne’ enlightens and inspires parents to become aware of their mega example and influence. Talks are fun and delegates are asked to identify what ‘thinker types’ they believe themselves to be! Taking cognizance of their own thoughts and resulting behavior creates an awareness in everyone. Larne’s talks do not include the various functions of the brain! She will not expound on different brain lobes… intelligence sectors… nothing about the Cerebrum… Cerebellum… Amygdala or even the Hippocampus. She will simply inspire parents and educators and tell them how to improve the quality of their lives and the lives of their children.

“I did it – you can too!” This talk is a must for parents and educators.

Facts and Disturbing Facts:

Although this is a vital area of education and enlightenment – the very core to building a great life – it is something we did not learn at school. A vast cavern in our educational structure!

  • EQ far more than IQ determines how successful and happy your life will be.
  • We are born with our IQ but can develop our EQ.
  • A child forms a ‘thinking style’ which will be there for life – before age 1 0 years.
  • Children are reportedly showing signs of depression and other negative behavior at school, including primary school level.
  • Youth crimes, teen suicides, substance abuse and violence – fruits of destructive thinking patterns and emotional disorder – are on the increase at schools.
  • Example is the most impactful teacher and young minds are learning from parents, peers, educators, the media, etc examples which are often negative and do not support emotional growth.

PARENT ALERT! – Let’s get it right for the next generation

Fee: 10 to 20 minutes R300 – A slot during the parents evening


30 to 60 minutes R600 – Speaker for the occasion
(parent evening, coffee morning or special occasion evening)

Additional Travelling costs for out of town talks. Please inquire.

All the products are available after the talks at discounted prices.

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Every action is birthed by a thought – something must be done!