Child's Attitude

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Parental Role

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Your Thoughts

How is life treating you!?

Is  yours a bumpy ride… continually hounded by misery, stress and on-going disillusionment?

  •  lonely
  •  fearful
  • addicted
  • stressed and tired of the battle
  • things just don’t work out





Do you want to improve the quality of your life?  Can you do it on your own?

  •  Adopt a positive attitude”  …. really?  Didn’t know they were up for adoption… where do I get one?
  • “Change your thinking” … bla bla…  let’s get real….where exactly are the controls?
  • “Don’t feel bad” …oh sure,  no problem… just direct me to the delete button.

We went to school – did our homework – obeyed most of the rules … but we were not taught about the most important area of our lives…. our thoughts. We were not taught that thoughts have consequences and that the thoughts we select to think, will create the quality of our lives.  We were just not enlightened in this crucial area and as Thoreau tells us, in most cases, people have never even lived at all. This does not seem fair… but ‘not fair’ doesn’t make a difference. Only we can make a difference.  This is one time we dare not mess up.


If the above is true and it’s as simple as selecting the quality of thoughts that bring about a changed or improved life, where is the instruction manual?  The recipe – specific thoughts to use for a great life quality? How come it’s not easily accessible and available to all? Surely this information should be mandatory in our learning systems. The good news is that gradually the truth around the mind powerhouse is surfacing. More importantly, many theories and suggestions of ways to form these new thinking habits are coming to the fore.


Testimony to the truth about the un-equalled power through thought and emotions are the untold numbers of people who’s lives have been totally turned around when they learned how to discipline their thinking.  They learned the skill of allowing only beneficial data to enter their powerful minds and the result every time – triumph over adversity!

I too had given up on life – then the words of a stranger  “Only one person responsible for what you have in your life  YOU!”  My life changed from misery to joy when I changed my thinking. The simple thought ‘recipe’ I offer is how I did it and it’s definitely full proof. Make a start and form this new way of thinking, thought by thought. Hey my life is proof indeed… I was a wreck… it works! The thought recipe, a simple ‘thinking discipline’, is uncomplicated and has proven to be an excellent tool in eliminating negative perceptions.  The easy thought plan is key to developing the lifetime benefit of an enriched, positive mindset. Your life is your most precious asset – you only get one chance – it’s never too late. At the very least…it’s worth a try.


Is there something specific that you want to change in your life? Ok, remember what you’re thinking about this issue … is what you’re getting.  So change your thoughts about it …  and keep them changed, and that thing must and will change change too. It is the keeping up of the change in thought that is the real challenge… no-one in the world but you…. has the controls… you can do it! (I did – it works!) Don’t give up when you slip into the old wrong thought… that is absolutely  normal – new habits are not formed overnight. Just keep trying … in the end you’ll win and a new habit (thought pattern) will be established as the old one is expunged. And the thing you wanted to change in your life… will be changed.


To help you every-thought-of-the-way is the handbook, How to Win when Life is Unfair – Emotional Intelligence. This easy read self help publication will show you where, when and what the pitfalls are and more importantly,  how to handle them.  “It’s all in the mind” is so true – we need to be properly enlightened in this area and know and understand the basic principles of our thoughts and emotions.Your life has an accurate corresponding mental equivalent. I learned how to change my thinking and my life changed… dramatically! Don’t miss out on the recipe to become an emotional giant and live an amazing life!


You don’t need a therapist… who has the tools? You do! Take a look at your thoughts…. what are you thinking?… what site are you visiting with your mind… did you click on a positive memory or was it something unpleasant? Watch out… know that you are creating the very substance of what you are thinking. Discipline your mind and consciously choose to ponder on positive aspects of the events and circumstances in your life. Don’t validate Thoreaus’ ‘unhappiness’ theory…wise up instead and make the very most of the precious time allotted to you for your journey.

The aim of this website is to share some secrets about finding happiness. To have a better understanding of our inner life tools – thoughts, emotions and words and then use them wisely to build beautiful lives.    Whatever the challenges along your pathway – when it all seems meaningless and unfair, learn how to win. It’s simple – don’t be skeptical!  Try it instead! You can do it…. it really works.  I know because I did it!