Child's Attitude

A child with a positive attitude is guaranteed a life of success and happiness. More »

Parental Role

Parents play the major role in a child’s thought choices and emotional growth! More »


The educator’s input on the absorbing mind is momentous. More »


The thinking you do creates the life you have. More »


Child’s Attitude

A child with a positive attitude is guaranteed a life of success and happiness. Regardless of the challenges that life may dole out, armed with a positive mindset,  no challenge can become insurmountable. This is the one element that takes precedence over absolutely everything.

Peers, friends, relatives – we all play a role in molding the lives of the children we come in contact with.


You love your children so help them attain the no 1. life skill, a positive mental attitude.

The belief that they in themselves are capable and life is good. This will help a child through difficult times and ensure a happy life. Your guidance and example is a key factor as their enquiring minds grow and discover and begin to put together a belief system.

Children are not born with an attitude. Attitude is not an accident but a learned way of thinking. Repetitive use of specific thoughts establishes the characteristics and quality of the main frame of a child’s mindset. This can be either negative or positive. And here’s the thing… this mindset, the self chosen thought patterns, will impact the quality of the rest of their lives totally. Bad attitude – lousy life… good attitude – happy life. Attitude is the ingredient that determines the amount of happiness your child will or won’t have.

Scientists tell us that there is a type of scanner embedded in the brain mechanism and it scans and records all the input from a child’s life experiences in the form of decipherable neurological thought patterns. During this early developmental stage – up to age ten, brain cells make the most connections. And amongst other functions, these cells are building an attitude.

Facts to bear in mind:

  • Childhood is when the foundation for life is set.
  • Physical movement gets the brain going so an active body makes for an active brain.
  • Stress disables learning as Cortisol, a hormone that kills off connections in the learning and memory parts of the brain, is produced during trauma.
  • Music boosts learning. Singing, listening to and playing music improves spatial orientation and mathematical thinking while rhyming builds language skills.
  • Close, caring relationships help children feel good about themselves – this boosts self image.

EQ versus IQ

Today the focus is no longer on our IQ – intelligence quotient – the attention has shifted to our EQ – emotional quotient. With very good reason! History has shown us that many people with great IQ’s have led miserable lives, while those with a great EQ have soared above all expectation. Hence the enthusiastic endeavor to learn more about attaining this esteemed quality of life. Emotional Intelligence, the ability to become selective and discipline thoughts and emotions, is a life skill imperative to growth as all areas of development and learning are affected by our EQ. This is what governs the very life quality – where a child learns how to be happy!

How momentous is this! Kids learn this all important life skill – way of thinking i.e. attitude – primarily from the EXAMPLE of parents, peers, educators, friends and relations. Pretty potent stuff for us all to bear in mind – our influence on the next generation. Emotional strength and stability is key to the quality of life, so let’s not let them down. We need to give our kids the best deal – education plus example to help them build a beautiful life. Our thoughts, our actions …their lives!

Give your kids the most valuable gift… teach them how to become positive thinkers.

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