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Parental Role

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Little Winners – A Positive Mindset and Attitude for your Child

Why are we not teaching our children how to think positively?

  • Why is the number of depressed children escalating?
  • Why is there an increase in bullying and undisciplined behavior at schools?
  • Why do young people have anger issues and look for ways to escape reality?
  • Why is there an increase in shocking violence at schools?
  • Why is suicide so often the final choice?
  • Children can learn that there are two basic thought types, positive and negative.
  • They are able to understand the concept that positive thoughts build happy lives and negative thoughts build miserable lives.
  • They can comprehend that the thought type choice is up to them.
  • Children who have been taught these concepts are inclined to be obedient and accept discipline.


  •  Attitude is not an accident but a learned way of thinking.

  • Attitude is the ingredient that determines the amount of happiness a child will or won’t have.

  • A positive attitude is the key to a good self image and a belief that life is good.

 We need to become aware of our role in all of this – it is up to us to nourish the potential of the future generations. We are all shaping the future – let’s do the best we can!

Who is Little Winners?

When a little old lady pointed her finger at a suicidal mother of three and said – “there’s only one person responsible for whatever you have in your life… what ARE you thinking?” – something happened.

Larne’ Neuland created a strategy to help her change her thoughts, put it into action and soared above her challenges.

Determined to share her simple thinking discipline, she wrote How to win when Life is Unfair, now in 11th print.

After learning that this was something she could have learned at school, Larné wrote the groundbreaking Let’s take a Peek at our Thoughts – which provides parents and educators with a tool to explain thoughts and their consequences.

It is now Larné’s passion to ensure that children of the future generations learn how to develop a positive attitude.

“We have one life… we dare not miss out on this one!”