Child's Attitude

A child with a positive attitude is guaranteed a life of success and happiness. More »

Parental Role

Parents play the major role in a child’s thought choices and emotional growth! More »


The educator’s input on the absorbing mind is momentous. More »


The thinking you do creates the life you have. More »


Positive Thinking Kid – Little Winners

Why are we not teaching our children how to think positively?

  •  Attitude is not an accident but a learned way of thinking.

  • Attitude is the ingredient that determines the amount of happiness a child will or won’t have.

So let’s create products to teach positivity.

 We are all shaping the future!

 Every person on the planet has an influence.

Who is Little Winners?

When a little old lady pointed her finger at a suicidal mother of three and said – “there’s only one person responsible for whatever you have in your life… what ARE you thinking?” – something happened.

Larne’ Neuland created a strategy to help her change her thoughts and it worked.

HOW TO WIN WHEN LIFE IS UNFAIR is now in 11th print.

The groundbreaking publication, a tool to teach children thought education, LET’S TAKE A PEEK AT OUR THOUGHTS followed.

“It is my passion to ensure that children learn how to develop a positive attitude”.

Only one life – we dare not miss out!